Ways To Decorate Your Home According To Your Personality

Ways To Decorate Your Home According To Your Personality

Starting with a blank slate can be difficult, even for the greatest of home designers. Your personality makes for a great jumping-off point for interior design!
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Do you struggle with finding a beautiful home design that is both trendy and reflects your unique personality? You aren’t alone. It can be hard to know exactly what interior decorations would work best in your home, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner and have never needed to think about it before. We have some ways to decorate your home according to your personality to help you create a design that will keep all your guests talking.

Search for Reference Materials

Whenever you don’t know something you search for it online, right? It’s the same with interior design. Even though this is a personal matter that no search engine or social media site will know, you can still find inspiration through images or even personality quizzes. Follow trendy design accounts online, do some window shopping, or watch home design shows to find inspiration that would make your home stand out.

Bookmark or save images and write down ideas for your home when they come to you—home design is a project that you can take your time with. No one is rushing you!

Incorporate Your Hobbies

Your favorite activities factor into your personality, so add them to your home’s design! If you enjoy long weekends camping outside, adding rustic, wooden interior decorations will make your home feel like a cozy cabin in the woods. Antiques, art, and vintage decorations translate well into hobbies like museum or art show visits, as well as an interest in history. For anyone who loves walking in the big city, you may tend to use sleek, modern accents in your décor with beautiful urban photography on the walls.

These hobbies don’t have to be subtly hinted at through design, either—you can use your favorite hobby-related items in your design. Frame your own photography or purchase art of your favorite musical instrument. Let your guests know what you enjoy doing; it will provide a talking point at dinner.

Make a Style Board

Before you leap into purchasing furniture and decorating with it, try to see how the objects you’ve picked fit into a room together. Make a style board for each room in your house and fill it with objects and materials you want to see in the design. Don’t let price tags influence your style boards—make your wildest dream designs come to life through pictures! Wishful thinking in your collage can lead to DIY projects or alterations to bargain furniture; plus, it’ll give you an idea of the direction you want to go in.

List the Objects You Need

If you know your home needs something useful, jot it down so that you can find something that is both decorative and practical. Practical furniture doesn’t have to interfere with these ways to decorate your home according to your personality. Many pieces of furniture offer dual purposes, like bookcases or armoires. Accent your favorite pieces of essential furniture with unique decorative objects for your home from Home Smith that enhance the room and display more of your personality.