Fusion Mineral Paint: What Is It?

Fusion Mineral Paint: What Is It?

Fusion Mineral Paint was in the works for years before hitting the market. Now that it’s here, you may be wondering what it is and why you should use it.

If painting is your favorite part of any DIY project, then you’ve probably heard of Fusion Mineral Paint and what it is. Fusion Mineral Paint is an eco-friendly, nontoxic acrylic paint that allows you to start painting your projects with little to no preparation or extra care. But what makes this paint so magical? And how can you use it in your next project? Read on to learn more.

What Can I Use It On?

The most amazing part about Fusion Mineral Paint is that you can paint just about anything with it. It sticks to wood, glass, and even metal. This makes it perfect for your next repainting project, no matter what it is. You can even paint outdoor furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint since it’s completely waterproof once cured.

Drying vs. Curing

Fusion Mineral Paint only takes a couple of hours to dry, meaning it’s safe to touch without ruining the paint job and has no tackiness. Curing, however, is the act of the paint hardening to the point where the object is fully usable. This process takes at least 21 days, depending on the environment in which it’s curing. Once the Fusion Mineral Paint has cured, you can use or clean the painted object like normal.

Do I Need a Topcoat?

Once Fusion Mineral Paint has cured, it’s one of the most durable paints you’ll ever see. The fact that it’s waterproof is the biggest thing that sets it aside from any other chalk-like paint. Fusion Mineral Paint creates a nonporous surface on its own, removing the need for a topcoat. When you think about what Fusion Mineral Paint is, that is the most important feature to remember. However, if you want added protection or a sheen, layering a Fusion Mineral Paint topcoat is still an option.

Distressing Your Fusion Mineral Paint

Despite its durability, distressing Fusion Mineral Paint is actually a breeze. Before you begin painting, rub the area you wish to distress with a wax bar. The wax prevents the paint from bonding and allows you to distress your furniture with ease. This also works with layering, as you can rub wax on painted areas and sand off the paint after the next color of paint has dried. If you intend to distress your Fusion Mineral Paint, make sure to do it quickly after the paint dries, or else it will be increasingly difficult to distress.

You can also antique Fusion Mineral Paint with antiquing glaze.

Prepping Glossy Surfaces

As we mentioned, you can use Fusion Mineral Paint on any surface you’d like to paint. Before you paint a glossy surface such as laminate, make sure to lightly sand the painting area. This will ensure the paint can properly bond to the surface without issue.

If you’d like to try this paint in your next DIY project, buy Fusion Mineral Paints online at Home Smith.