Top Ways To Add Color to Your Home

Top Ways To Add Color to Your Home

Creativity in a home’s design sparks joy on an otherwise dreary day. Add color to your house to reflect your personality in the brightest way.

In the brutalist world of concrete office buildings and modernist, dark glass skyscrapers, coming home to bright colors in your living space is a welcome relief. Bright colors at home can be better for your mood and help you relax. Switch seamlessly from work mode to leisure mode with a bit of colorful happiness inside and outside your home. Our top ways to add color to your home will make you feel like a masterful interior designer.

Accessorize Your Walls

You may enjoy your neutral-colored walls, and that’s okay! Adding wall décor to any room in the house can provide a much-needed pop of color that you can change with the seasons. Vivid wall scrolls and paintings can easily complement a neutral backdrop. Decide if you want to feature many smaller paintings or have one large wall covering for the wall of a room. Try to avoid cluttering the walls with décor if you can—though you may have a way to make clutter stylish!

If you’re tired of your neutral walls and if wall accessories aren’t enough, then it may be time to paint the walls a new color. Bold colors can be a risky decision, so make sure to visualize the color you want to use on the wall before painting.

Add Color to Your Floors

Painted floors are in right now—if you want the appearance of a regal marble floor without the cost, you can paint your hardwood or concrete floor to have any design you’d like. Geometric patterns can easily mimic marble, or you can paint your flooring to have a rustic look with chalk paint. Chalk paint provides a fresh coat of paint with the weathered appearance of old wood—but no splinters!

For an easier way to get a fresh burst of color on your floors, try printed vinyl floor mats. Floor mats can provide lovely designs without the obtrusiveness of rugs. They’re easily cleaned with soap and water and perfect for covering up floor blemishes.

Break Free of the Stainless Steel Trend

Stainless steel can look beautiful in the right kitchens, but when you want a unique kitchen with a vintage atmosphere, try buying a colorful appliance. Retro, pastel-colored stoves and fridges can make your kitchen stand out from the rest. A bold appliance can help you theme the rest of the kitchen with vibrant pots and pans or other kitchen accessories.

Paint or Reupholster Your Furniture

Rounding off our list of top ways to add color to your home involves the color of your furniture. When it’s drab, the rest of the room feels drab, too. Reupholster your furniture to match your spirit, and add a splash of a new color. If your furniture doesn’t have fabric, repaint it to match the aesthetic you want. Give it a sleek retro look or an aged rustic appearance—but whatever you do, change that color. Don’t be afraid to make a bold decision!