Preserved Moss Balls - Home Smith
Preserved Moss Balls - Home Smith

Preserved Moss Balls

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Preserved Moss Balls

4" Small

309 Roncesvalles Avenue


309 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto ON M6R 2M6


We're familiar with Moss Decor Balls, but these beauties take the concept to a whole new level.  These handmade moss balls are formed out of living Mood Moss from the Ozarks and then preserved.  The preservation is a natural process and these beauties will maintain their colour and softness for a lifetime.  

This kind of time and patience does come at a price, however.  Given that these will maintain their lush look for years to come, we think it's worth the investment.  They are simply beautiful. 

Available in three sizes: 

  • Small 4"
  • Medium 5"
  • Large 6"