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Fusion Mineral Paint Colour Fan Deck

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Fusion Mineral Paint Colour Fan Deck

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Get All 84 Colours of Fusion Mineral Paint PLUS 50 Custom Colour Mixes 

Welcome to the colourful world of Fusion Mineral Paint. This Fan Deck of large colour swatches has the entire collection including metallics and over 50 custom colours with easy to follow recipes.

This deck of 2″ x 5″ true colour cards is the perfect colour choosing tool especially when picking fabrics, comparing  shades, finding matches to existing projects, or seeing what paint colours look like in various lights.  

Each paint card has the colour description and recommended colour pairings on the back to offer you inspiration and let your creativity run wild.

Don’t see the exact colour in the Fusion range you’re looking for? There are also 50+ easy to follow recipes showing brand new colours. There are two types of recipes that Fusion has used to ensure it's really easy to obtain perfect results on your own. 

  1. Mix 1 Tester into 1 Pint 
  1. 50/50 Mix ratio

By following these recipes closely, you will be able to achieve a range of gorgeous new colors to paint it beautiful!

These newly updated decks have all of Fusion's paint colours including limited release colours and all new colours releases including the 2023 Collection.  

*Custom blend variations may occur due to measurement and mixing accuracy.