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Classic Bath Accessories Everyone Should Have

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When it comes to decorating a home, the bathroom is often the last item on the to-do list. Many people feel that the opportunities for self-expression and expert interior design are quite limited within the confines of a half-bath. Even in a larger master bathroom, people feel that there’s still only so much you can do. However, there are many great ways you can personalize your powder room, several of which are rather simple fixes. Though you may not be able to alter the larger fixtures in your bathroom, there are plenty of little ways you can make the space unique. Beauty is often in the details, after all. To help you get the jump on your powder room renovation, take a look through these classic bath accessories everyone should have.

Soap dish or soap dispenser

Even the tiniest details can have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. This includes the soap dish or soap dispenser, depending on your preference. Like all elements in your bathroom, the soap dish or dispenser has a purely practical use, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring. A marble or porcelain soap dish will give your bathroom a tiny touch of class while also keeping things clean and tidy. Likewise, a glass or metallic soap dispenser will lend a much more sophisticated air to your bathroom than a prepackaged plastic soap dispenser ever could.

Shower curtain

Among the classic bath accessories everyone should have, a shower curtain is certainly at the top of the list. In addition to keeping your bathroom safe from the spray of your showerhead, a shower curtain can help tie the entire space together in a much more cohesive manner. It’s the perfect accessory if you want to incorporate patterns or an accent color into your bathroom’s design. 

Bath mat

Comfort is key when designing a bathroom, but it’s also an element that’s easy to overlook. As most bathrooms have tile, hardwood, or linoleum flooring, they tend to be quite cold and uncomfortable, particularly on a cold winter morning. Adding a plush bath mat will make the space feel cozier in no time.

Blinds or curtains

Privacy is important in all rooms of your home, but it’s perhaps the most crucial in your bathroom. Standard blinds will give you the privacy you need, while decorative curtains will create an additional layer of dimension and color in the space. Be sure that the pattern on your window treatments doesn’t clash with your shower curtain or other linens in your bathroom.


Most classic bathroom decor and accessories serve a dual purpose and are equally as practical as they are beautiful. Linens, guest towels, and hand towels are a perfect example of this. They serve a purely practical purpose when guests visit your home, yet they can still spruce up the space when you don’t have visitors. Displaying folded guest towels on a shelf or storage unit in your bathroom helps lend another layer of comfort to the space as a whole.