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The Alpine Cedar Greenery Collection

Transform Your Space with the Realistic and Natural Alpine Cedar Greenery Collection

Our most popular garland (ever!) now has a full collection of pieces to decorate your entire home in style.  From large wreaths for your door to mini wreaths for your chairs or cupboards, this collection has everything you need.  New for this year, the Alpine Cedar Picks make centerpieces easy and can easily be added to garlands and hangings for added impact and weight.  We love the versatility of these high-quality pieces and with this much selection, you can add pieces over time to buildup a quality collection of festive decor. 

This timeless and sophisticated mixed cedar greenery features sporadic sprays that terminate in lighter tips making it shockingly realistic - and extremely popular.  Sadly, no matter how many we bring in, it tends to sell out very early in the season so don't wait on this one!  Shop our collection of wreaths, garlands, picks, and swags to find the perfect piece for your home.

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