Top Ways To Give Your Home a Rustic Look

Top Ways To Give Your Home a Rustic Look

It might be hard to choose which project to take on to make your rustic home design pop, but these suggestions can help you sort out some of the options.
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Rustic interior design is what’s in right now. As we’re all cooped up inside, it’s the best time to update your home with a rustic touch. Rustic designs are extremely DIY-friendly, even for the newest of craftsman or craftswoman. You might be surprised how many of these top ways to give your home a rustic look are beginner-friendly and trendy.

Wooden Paneling

The biggest design that screams “rustic” is always going to be the classic barn-wood paneling on the wall. If your home tells a story in its design, then that’s a win for you. If you can find wood that’s safe to use and was used in an old building, then it will work best with any rustic addition to your home. You don’t just have to panel walls; you can use the wooden panel design for pieces to hang on your walls or cabinetry.

Rustic Paint Jobs

Wanting a rustic paint job isn’t necessarily the same as a sloppy paint job. Certain types of paint can make a project have that flakey, aged aesthetic you may crave. Paints like chalk paint and milk paint will require you to mix them yourself—which also allows for you to make them as thin or thick as you want.

Try painting your already existing furniture with milk paint to give it an aged, rustic touch. If you want to have a clean coat of paint but are aiming for a rustic feel, try painting with reds and browns. Even if the paint looks new, the color by itself can change the mood of the decoration.

Rustic Flooring

The flooring of your house can affect the design and mood in a major way. Because flooring is so widespread, it tends to have a stronger impact than other rustic options. However, the impact might not be worth it for how expensive it can be to replace an entire floor. There are solutions to avoid replacing whole floors, like rugs and printed vinyl floor mats. At Home Smith, we have floor mats to suit any design desire, from rustic to art deco. Some examples of a rustic vinyl floormat can come in a design of wooden paneling on vinyl.

Cozy Fireplace Touch-Ups

If your home has a fireplace, updating it to have a rustic design can be the key to creating a fully rustic home. Install a dark wood mantle with natural stone accents and iron accessories. Even if you don’t have a natural wood-burning fireplace, your design choice can be what draws the line between modern and rustic. The trinkets you keep on the mantelpiece can also increase your rustic interior’s appeal. Any antiques or photos of things that remind you of a cozy cabin will fit nicely.

At Home Smith, we have any number of home accessories to give your home a rustic look and paint for the crafty types. Take a look through our catalog to find the perfect rustic home goods for your perfect design.