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Stoneware Aviary Pitcher No. 3 in Flour

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Stoneware Aviary Pitcher No. 3 in Flour

309 Roncesvalles Avenue


309 Roncesvalles Avenue
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Stoneware Aviary Pitcher in Flour No. 3

Why Aviary? When viewed in profile, we think these classically elegant vessels are reminiscent of majestic birds in a moment of repose.

Meticulously carved by hand and then slip-cast in Sri Lanka, we offer them in a glossy creamware or a matte black terracotta with a shiny glazed interior.

Use them for serving an ice cold summer beverage, a warm holiday punch, or to hold a beautiful bouquet from the garden.  Despite their usefulness, we don't mind if you use them on their own - they are beautiful just as they are!

• 1 pitcher
• 7" x 5" x 7.5"
• Made of Stoneware
• Hand Wash
• Made in Sri Lanka 

Wash with soapy water and towel dry.