White Mod Block Stand, Large Low

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White Mod Block Stand, Large Low - Home Smith White Mod Block Stand, Large Low - Home Smith White Mod Block Stand, Large Low - Home Smith

White Mod Block Stand, Large Low



 White Mod Block Stand, Large 

Each Mod Block Trivet is handcrafted from reclaimed wood and is best used as a hot plate for dishes straight out of the oven or fridge. The wooden serving board is a beautiful accent for any kitchen and is a must-have for plated dishes or appetizers. We have added a contemporary element to the unique display riser by adding a splash of high-gloss white paint along the bottom.

This decorative piece is hand-crafted from reclaimed wood. Due to the nature of the found beams, no piece will be perfectly identical and will contain varying crevices and splits within the wood, embracing its organic beauty even further. We recommend this piece for serving purposes and use with a cheese or butter knife, due to the soft nature of the wood. 

**The Boards in this listing Do NOT come with the dome pictured. For a matching cloche display, we recommend our Bianca Dome (as pictured). **


14" Diameter x 3" High


About the Brand

At etúHOME, this primarily means preventing the depletion of natural resources. Our sourcing efforts are truly the heart and soul of the company. We utilize 19th century timber, recycled glass and sustainably harvested beams to craft our products.  As buildings in and around Budapest fall into demolition, we are able to salvage the beams used to support them. We find beauty in extending resources and giving materials a second life. Additionally, our thoughts go beyond the materials we utilize. We believe sustainability should extend beyond the product’s core materials all the way to the factory where the product is made; ensuring a safe environment, a fair living wage, and the contribution to a prosperous and healthy community. At etúHOME we call this Modern Sustainability, and it feels good. 

For us this means that ethically sourcing quality materials and then using those materials in a responsible manner to craft our pieces. We are focused on meeting the highest standards in regard to health and safety while still maintaining sustainable practices. By properly procuring our materials we are able to create classically rooted pieces without negatively impacting the environment.  Additionally, each piece is finished by hand with eco-friendly, plant-based beeswax and mineral oil elements. 

Sustainably Sourced Wood: Produced from responsibly sourced reclaimed and salvaged European wood. 
Handmade: Created by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan in a world of mass production.
Time Honoured: Made by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in regionally specific traditions. 
Food Safe: Containing no toxins or harmful substances.