Handmade Feather Juju Hat Wall Decor


Juju hats, or Tyn hats, are worn by royal dancers during Bamileke tribal ceremonies.  Dignitaries, chiefs, and the royal families of the Bamileke Tribes don these ceremonial headdresses as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Juju hats are created from natural and dyed wild bird feathers. These feathers are stitched onto a base that can be pulled open with a strap and folded neatly with the feathers inside when not in use. They are handcrafted and imported from Cameroon.

These authentic African Juju hats come in two different sizes:

Large: Approx. 31" in diameter 

Small: Approx.19" in diameter

Even more colours than what are pictured below are available. Contact us directly for orders. 

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