Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowls


This beautifully hand hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl is a ritual object used for meditation, sound massages and many other therapeutic properties. 

This bowl is composed of seven different metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin and zinc. Each one is unique. As they are forged by hand, no two are the same and no two bowls will create the same sound. Due to the variations in the metal content, each bowl is weighted differently, even when their overall size appears similar, this  contributes to the sound that the bowl will create. 

*Stick not included.

Small: Aprox. 6.5" Diameter, 3.5" H
Medium:  Aprox. 7.5" Diameter, 4" H
Large:  Aprox. 8.5" Diameter, 4.5" H
Extra Large:  Aprox. 12" Diameter, 5" H

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