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Furniture Paint - Sturbridge White (Picket Fence)

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Furniture Paint - Sturbridge White (Picket Fence)

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The whitest of the whites that Homestead House makes, this white is comparable to Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence. 

From the parent company of our ever popular Fusion Mineral Paint, Homestead House Furniture Paint has been the go to paint for professional Furniture Refinishers for over 30 years. 

Similar to Fusion, it goes on smooth as silk, is super durable and a dream to work with!  And as you've come to expect, it has zero VOC, is water resistant, durable and requires no top coat or primer.  

What is the difference to Fusion you ask?  A few things... it's a little thicker, comes in a larger format and we can get this in custom colours! 


Homestead House Furniture Paint can be applied to almost any previously painted or coated surface without priming or prep work. Be sure to follow the directions to remove any previous waxes or grease from your surface prior to painting.


After this paint has cured it is highly durable and has a washable finish, without adding a top coat to it.  Given the beautiful matte (or flat) finish, this is pretty amazing!  
As with Fusion, you can add a beautiful lustre with any wax or other top coat.
The Paint is dry to the touch after 2 hours, re-coat after 4 hours. Cure time with all acrylic paints is 21 days, however can be used gently after 24-48 hours of drying.


This paint has excellent coverage! In most cases 1 coat is all you need.  Expected coverage in 1 quart is 150 sq. ft.  For example, that’s a large armoire, a small dresser, two sides tables and 4 chairs.  A little goes a long way!