Creating a cohesive design for your home can often be overwhelming. Whether you’re redesigning a single room or your whole home, a simple search for furniture and accessories comes up with endless results. Learning more about the top interior design styles before starting your redesign can help bring clarity and lessen the confusion around purchasing the perfect pieces. Here, you’ll find a quick furniture style guide explaining the key elements of today’s popular styles.

Furniture Decorating Styles

Art Deco

Originating in the early 20th century Paris, this elegant style—characterized by exotic woods, ultra-sheen finishes, and luxurious goods—has continued in popularity to the present time. Some might consider this style to be quite lavish with bold colors, patterns, and prints.


This next category in our furniture style guide embraces an eclectic approach. Somewhat exotic yet entirely down to earth, boho interiors often use natural textures and patterns in earthy and jewel tones, such as fuchsia or sunny yellows. Key elements of this top furniture style include tapestries, plants, and natural-fiber throw pillows and blankets.


Bring the best elements of the coast into your home with coastal furniture and décor. Utilizing breezy shades—such as white and cream—as a base with a mix of blue, coral, or nautical elements will give your home an oceanfront feel.


Contemporary furniture styles adapt to the current design trends. Because of its constant evolution, there are no hard lines on what makes contemporary furniture contemporary. However, it tends to share some characteristics with minimalist and modern design, including clean, simple lines and neutral colors.


Walking into any farmhouse style home will instantly give you a comfortable, laidback feel. You can identify this top interior design style easily thanks to its popularity and distinct character. Some key features include a distressed finish, woven fabrics, and the use of functional or casual décor. Light creams and beiges are mixed with metal or wire accents to finish off the look.

French Country

This style of furniture is the perfect mesh for those who love a lived-in yet sophisticated look. French Country furniture is elegant yet rustic, simple yet fancy, and mixes the old with the new. Whitewash and weathered woods are key characteristics.


Developed during the industrial age, this rugged, functional furniture style maintains its popularity—especially in city settings. In an industrial style furnished home, you’ll find combination of woods and metals, sharp lines, and an unfinished or raw look to furnishings and décor.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern furniture embraces sleek lines, minimal clutter, and a mix of materials—including metal, wood, and plastic. Furniture pieces often feature a low profile, which gives them a trendy yet timeless look.


The modern furniture style refers to pieces that were created in the early 1900s. These items boast noteworthy clean lines and are often thought of as sleek. Rooms featuring modern décor are minimal. Asymmetry is key for this style of interior design.

Shabby Chic

By combining neutral colors with a rustic effect on wood and metal furnishings, shabby chic interiors create a warm, vintage charm. This style often looks like a mix of farmhouse or rustic design with vintage touches.


Although traditional design has a slightly formal feel—thanks to the key skirted upholstery, rolled arms, and luxury fabrics—walking into a traditionally designed home will feel functional and cozy. However, depending on the décor or chosen design accents, your space can feel more glamorous, elegant, or functional.


The transitional look takes elements of traditional design and mixes them with contemporary elements. Overall, a transitional design will have an elegant, clean appeal, which will never go out of style.


The last look in our furniture style guide is near and dear to our hearts. Throughout our online collections, you’ll find various items that represent the vintage and antique style. These furnishings are often centuries old and provide ornate details that are not seen in modern designs.

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