What if I have more than one room?

Only 1 room is eligible per gift card and one hour consultation.   You’d be surprised how long discussing one room can take!  The good news is that if you enjoy the process for the first room, you can sign right up for the next!

What happens if I don’t like everything (or worse – anything!) presented?

The Client Profile form we send you has been specifically designed to help us get a sense of what you like, your budget and your style. Everything we prepare for you is done with only you in mind, so it is our goal that you be thrilled with all our recommendations.  That being said, sometimes budget or even a more cautious design nature means you’re not ready to commit to what we’ve presented.  That’s not a problem!  The consultation is free and the entire gift card value of $200 can be used towards ANY items that we carry in the shop, with no expiration date.

What if I have to re-schedule my Consult?

Re-Scheduling of your consultation must be done at least 12 hours prior to your appointment time.  A lot of preparation time goes into our consultations and they are limited in number – no shows or last minute cancellations will result in the $200 gift card being void.

What if I am late for my Consult?

We will use the remaining time we have scheduled for your presentation.  For example, if your consultation is from 3pm to 4pm and you arrive at 3:30, your presentation will be from 3:30 to 4:00 pm.

What if none of the available time slots work for me? 

The Final 10% Consult is a specific in-store program and due to the size and staffing of our shop, any presentations can only be done during the available online calendar times.  Currently we are offering a limited number of presentations, but should we see increased demand, we will certainly look at adding more options. We also have additional design services available that may better fit busy schedules, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How soon do I need to get the Client Profile form and pictures of my room back to you?

You will receive the Client Profile form by email the day following the purchase of the consult.  We will require the completed form and pictures 1 week in advance of your appointment time. 

What if I don't get my Client Profile form back a week before the Consult?

We hate to be sticklers about timing, and look to be as flexible as possible, however we want to make sure that every client gets our best work - and we need enough time to do that.  If the form is not received back a week before the booked consultation, we reserve the right to re-schedule the consultation.