We're obsessed with Interior Design and work closely with our clients to turn their house into a home. We have several design service offerings, from our White Glove Service based on scope of project, to our Final 10% Consult, which is listed below. Please contact us to discuss your project needs and we would love to help you.


At Home Smith we believe its the finishing touches that make all the difference, that final 10% to make it feel truly pulled together and photo worthy? It's what turns your house into a home!

Our Home Smith design experts work with our clients for those "trickier than you think" finishing details in a service we call FINAL 10% CONSULT. Perfect for rooms with all of the foundation pieces, yet seemed to just not quite have come together. That last 10% really makes all the difference!

Getting started is easy - simply purchase your 1 hour in-store consult time from our available bookings. The $250 cost to book the appointment is then sent to you as a gift card that can be used towards anything we have to offer in the shop.

Once your consult is booked, you will receive a brief Client Preferences Profile form to be completed online (1 week in advance of appointment time). We will also ask for photos and measurements of the room you are looking to complete.

Visit us at Home Smith at the time of your booking for your personalized Final 10% presentation where we will have design advice and product ideas specially curated for you!

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Step 1: Purchase $250 Gift Card and Book your In-store Consultation online

Step 2: You will receive our client preferences profile by email the following day. Complete the form online including measurements and photos of the room you have selected. Be sure to add inspiration photos, as this will give us insight into your tastes. Please make sure to submit your form at least one week prior to your scheduled appointment time. We do not want to rush your personalized presentation!

Step 3: Visit us at Home Smith for your scheduled presentation where we will have a plan and options curated just for you!

Step 4: Use your $250 Gift card to purchase any or all of the options we have curated just for you to create the space you've always dreamed of!