Waffle Linen Bath Towels by Axlings

  • Waffle Linen Bath Towels by Axlings

Waffle Linen Bath Towels by Axlings



Linen represents a perfect blend of qualities - it‰۪s natural, warming, cooling and, above all, durable.åÊ Nothing ages more beautifully.åÊ

Create a wonderful bathroom environment using hand towels, bath towels, kimonos and toiletry bags.åÊ Linen towels are amazing!åÊ Linen absorbs far more water than cotton so it‰۪s far more effective as a bath towel.åÊ Don‰۪t let the slight feel of the waffled linen fool you - it‰۪s incredibly soft and absorbent.åÊ

If you take good care of your linen, it will become more beautiful as it ages. åÊ

Linen becomes more beautiful the more it is used, but it must be cared for in the correct way.åÊ It is the first washes that will determine how easy it will be for you to take care of your linen in the future.åÊ After only a few washes, the fibres begin to soften and become less prone to breaking and, as a result, are less inclined to wrinkle.åÊ

New linen products should be ideally be left to soak for a few minutes before they are washed on a gentle cycle and hung to dry.åÊ

Natural and white waffle weave.

100% Linen

100cm x 150cmåÊ