Shampoo Bars?  At Home Smith?

Shampoo Bars? At Home Smith?

Yes, we know, not what you'd expect at a shop focussed on bringing you beautiful things for your home.  But when we find something that is truly amazing, well, we just have to go with it.  It's a great compliment to the soaps and lotions we already carry...  right?  Oh well, we still think you are going to love this!  

Jack59 is a woman-let Canadian company based in Edmonton.  It all started when the owner, Vanessa, took a vacation a few years ago.  She brought along a shampoo and conditioner bar from another brand and was really disappointed.  The shampoo bar dried out her hair and the conditioner bar was hard and difficult to use.  Her hair was left a mess and she wondered why.  And then it hit her - it was all about the pH!  

The pH of the bars was all wrong and she felt that she could really do something about it.  When she returned home, she started working on her own pH balanced recipe for shampoo and conditioner bars.  With a chemistry background (love STEM girls!), she was able to create a line of shampoo and conditioner bars that truly work and are pH balanced to perfectly align with the hair's natural pH. 

Today, Jack59 shampoo and conditioner bars are lovingly made in Canada by a team of local women in Edmonton.  They are proud to employ local women and local mamas... and provide their staff with flexible working hours so that they can provide for their families and take care of all the things that matter in their lives. 

And there you have it... the Jack59 origin story. 

While we love responsible businesses that evolve to solve a problem, that's not the only reason why we love this brand.  We love it for what it doesn't do - create more plastic bottles.  

More than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in the landfill each year.  It is estimated that by 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish.  We all have the ability to change those statistics by purchasing products that do not use plastic packaging and this is something we're trying to do at Home Smith.  

Each Jack59 shampoo bar eliminates up to 3 plastic bottles and the conditioner bars can eliminate up to 5 bottles.  

No plastic waste and all natural ingredients?  Yes!  Jack59 is paraben-free, sulphate-free and vegan and even has a number of gluten free options.  Mother nature provides the basis for Jack59's bars including essential oils, plant proteins and botanical extracts.  

Sounds great so far - but how does it work?  That's where our team comes in... we've tried it ourselves and love it.  

I was hesitant about trying a bar shampoo - I thought it was be hard to lather, dry out quickly, get cakey... and none of that happened.  It was shockingly easy to use and it smells amazing!  And I love that there is no longer a bunch of bottles lined up in my shower.

Come on in and see Jack59 for yourself - we think you'll love it just like we do!